Don’t Forget to Connect

Don’t Forget to Connect

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I have a colleague who shared something I wanted to share with you. With her permission of course. It made me think of my new book, Making Your Relationships Work, coming out this month. She was telling me how she has been married to her husband for 15 years, and the way their relationship evolved and improved a few years at a time.

At first, they had to each look in the mirror, see who they were, and like who they were.

It took them some time to meet a middle ground. Afterwards, we had to figure out who we were together, how to become one, by staying connected. But how do we do that? She said first and foremost, they had to connect with God, individually. This is what opens your eyes to how things should be and how to deal with them when they are not. Staying connected with God,

is king. She said as time went by, they communicated more and more, constantly learning more about each other. Folks, remember that relationship take work, time and dedication. You must start by looking at yourself in the mirror, connecting with God, and staying in communication constantly. She said that although they had a long way to go, when they first met, today, they know each other well, know how to love one another and feel more connected then ever.

Bishop Asamoah-Boateng

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